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We all love a little more magic in our stories, so our Tula Blanket is sure to have you feeling happily ever after! Say hello to 'Enchanted' an adorable fantasy themed blanket! 'Enchanted' has a fantastical design of a sweet dragon reading and smelling roses against a sky blue backdrop. Reminding us that we all love stories filled with magical imagination, this ultra soft blanket comes as a three blanket set, which includes two jacquard weave blankets, one in red with a large rose design and one in deep green with a dragon wing pattern.

Versatility is essential for new parents. That’s why our silky soft Tula Baby Blankets (made from specially produced 100% viscose from bamboo) aren’t just for swaddling; cuddle them during your baby’s coos, giggles, and zzz’s. And with a variety of stylish designs, you’ll find that you adore the way they look and feel!



Tula Blankets are made from 100% bamboo, making them pillowy soft yet breathable. They are so soft it’s hard to believe they’re also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, absorbent, anti-static, UV protecting and sustainable. Each blanket measures 47"x47". Perfect for swaddling; providing space for rolling around time; or just to cuddle with; Tula Baby Blankets can tag along with any child, tiny or tot. They will make the perfect addition to your collection for snuggling, swaddling or gifting



Tula Blankets are made from natural fibers and should be washed with care.  Wash in cold water, on delicate cycle.  Tumble dry on low heat separate from other articles of clothing that could potentially snag or tear the delicate fabric of the blanket.  Only use non-chlorine bleach as needed and avoid ironing.

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