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Haakaa Breast Pump Silicone Cap - Gray

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The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Cap fits securely over the top of your Haakaa Breast Pump, protecting it from accidental spills and keeping your precious breast milk safe! Made from 100% food grade silicone, our Breast Pump Cap seals your pump to keep it free of airborne dust and other nasties and remain clean and hygienic between uses!


  • Made from 100% food grade silicone.
  • Leak-proof design to prevent spills.
  • Seals your pump to keep it clean and hygienic between uses.
  • Fits all Haakaa Silicone Breast Pumps.
  • Safe in dishwashers and boiling water.
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

** Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump in image not included.

Unlike the yellow lid, the Haakaa Pump cap is leak proof and spill proof. Compared to the Flower Stopper, the Haakaa Pump Cap  fully covers the entire opening of the flange. It securely covers and seals the milk inside the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump. It also comes with a valve, which can  be opened  to release steam.
The Haakaa Pump Cap can also fit some cups and a slim steel straw can fit inside the valve opening. This extends the use of the Pump Cap beyond breastfeeding.

Cleaning and Care
Wash before and after each use. Although dishwasher safe, we strongly recommend sterilising using a steam steriliser or by boiling in water for 2-3 minutes. Do not use any bleach-based cleaners or tablets to clean or sterilise this product.

Caution: Check product condition regularly. Replace if this product shows any signs of damage. Do not store near any sharp objects. Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used to clean this product as hard scourers may scratch the surface. This product is not a toy. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended use. Store product in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

 About Haakaa:

Haakaa is an New Zealand baby brand that provides parents with Safe, Natural, Non-toxic, Eco-friendly baby products. Best known for it's high safety standards, superior quality and unique designs. All Haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand.

Today Haakaa has an exciting range all made using environmentally friendly and safe raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, bamboo and natural rubber. All Haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand and FDA approved.

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Ann Garcia
Original Haakaa products

Authorized reseller of Haakaa products. Happy with my orders. Hassle free transaction and fast delivery too.


Haakaa Breast Pump Silicone Cap - Gray

Rb Reyes

Gave this to my sister who is a first time mom and glad that she liked it very much when she used it the first time.

Thank you and kudos for the excellent service!!!

Jaclyn Ng

New Haakaa Gen 2 Silicone Breast Pump 100ml (No Lid Included)

N. Cariño
Best Buy of the Year!

Best Buy of the year, yes, it’s only April, but it really is. I have a manual and electric breast pump but this by far is the best and most efficient. My first try of the Haakaa, I was a able to get 30ml in just 15 minutes; got the hang of it then second try— 90ml in 30 minutes! Perfect for let-down milk and very easy to use.

Transaction went really smooth as well! Inquired and ordered in the morning, got it a few hours later!

Thank you, CEOEmporium!

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