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Parenting with Peace of Mind

CEO Emporium is a mommy-owned business based in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines It is focused primarily on babywearing products and accessories, and is aimed at spreading awareness about safe babywearing practices and the benefits of babywearing to parents with babies and toddlers. It is the official exclusive distributor of Baby Tula, Jujube Smart Bags, and Drawnby silicone mats, as well as an authorized retailer of Haakaa Breast Pumps, Mother Nurture, Sacred Baby wash & sanitizers, Flourish, O2 Canada, Meo Masks, Magicopper Mask, and Spacevue Face Shields.






Candy E. Oanes (a.k.a. CEO or Mommy Candy) is a Chemical Engineer turned mompreneur not new to the industry, she’s known for bringing in award-winning products sourced from all over the world (like Tula Carriers and Jujube Bags), helping thousands of parents and caregivers around the Philippines. Her brands and store CEO Emporium have also sparked a small community online, where moms are able to share their tips and tricks on how to make motherhood a little bit easier.