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Washable Silicone Learning Mat - Counting 123

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Color like you have never colored before!

We believe in the importance of child development. Drawing and coloring are ways how kids express themselves. This led to the creation of our DrawnBy: Reusable Silicone Coloring and Learning Mats! Our mats are made of reusable silicone catering to kids to color and draw as much as they want. It also provides guidelines for kids to get their creative juices flowing when coloring. Our distinctive designs are tailored to suit the preferences of all kids. We are sure there is a design that would spark the artsy side of your kids. They can use our Drawnby: Markers for best results or any washable marker to fill up the mat with their unlimited creativity!

Friendly to all

What benefits do our Drawnby: Reusable Silicone Coloring and Learning Mats have to offer? Firstly, our hand-drawn silicone mats are filled with unique elements, keeping your kids engaged while coloring. This provides an opportunity for your kids to work on their fine motor skills and their hand eye coordination. That’s one way to make learning fun! Secondly, our silicone mats are felxible. You can keep it without taking up much space, be it in your bag or in the toy box. Last but not least, our mats are low maintenance. With a wet cloth, even kids can wipe off their artwork and start creating another! These silicone mats are also dishwasher friendly or you can just give them a rinse to have a fresh mat after one is done! Your kids can color as much as they want without running out of materials to color on.

Is this safe for my child?

Yes! As parents, one thing we worry most about is the safety of our beloved kids. Our silicone mats are made of food grade silicone and certified by various international and EU standards. With our food grade silicone mats, kids can draw at the dining table without worrying about spilling their hot food on them. Our Drawnby: Markers are also certified to be safe for kids. You can be assured that your kids are in safe hands!

Dimensions: 29cm x 39cm

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Easy to clean and use. My daughter loves it! The markers are very pigmented!

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