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Spreading Tula love here in the Philippines means having more opportunities to meet a lot of moms and dads who are interested in the benefits of babywearing. Along the way, I was able to meet babywearing celebrities who are intrigued with Tula and who have become Tula lovers in the process. 

Here are some celebrities who have discovered first-hand about the power of Tula's sleepy dust.


I have got to hand it to Mommy Princess Velasco. Above photo shows the acoustic princess singing while wearing her baby with her The Star Tula during the Grand Baby Fair last January 31 at SM Megatrade Hall. She was able to entertain her audience as well as sing to baby Kobe at the same time! Babywearing to a whole new level if you ask me!


Remember how excited you were to tote your baby around in your Tula and couldn't wait for your little one to grow bigger (just a little?). No one knows it better than Mommy Juris Fernandez with her Baby Giddy. I really love her Anchor Tula in above photo.


CEO raffled off a Tula during the Fluffy Pwets Collabs Launch last January 29 and Mommy Amanda Griffin-Jacob, also a babywearing mom won. She has been a big influence in my journey as a mom and I admire her so much. She won the 2015 Influence Asia Award for Parenting, is one of the authors of Project Mom, owns Glam-o-Mamas, and is now a proud owner of Tula Foliage which she handpicked. :)

We might not be as famous as these beautiful celebrity moms but at the end of the day, they are just like us. They have discovered that they can keep doing what they love and keep their babies close at the same time.





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