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Why Tula?

Posted by Candy Oanes on

Five years ago when I had my eldest I never really thought seriously about babywearing.

You see I have severe scoliosis and I was told that I cannot carry or lift heavy objects. That is however impossible when you are a mom. So I carried my first born and ignored the back pain. It was hard and I made sacrifices. Most of the time, I had to give my baby to my husband or another caregiver when it became too much. It made me think that I was less of a mother because I could not carry him for too long.

So when my second child was born, I became adamant to try babywearing. After all, I have to attend to my oldest child's needs and move around the house. I wanted to keep my little one close while doing the things that need to be done. I wanted to do all those with less back pain!

The search for the perfect carrier for my condition led me to Tula Baby Carriers. When I finally tried one, I was hooked. It was comfortable, felt right! So I started collecting these carriers and longed to be able to share the fervent love I have for this product.

And so it began...


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